Battery Range Summary

The DataSafe® DX range of flooded lead calcium flat plate batteries has been designed for use in UPS applications, more specifically large data centers, which demand the highest levels of security and reliability. The reliability of DataSafe DX as a leading high rate performance battery is backed by 20 + years of experience in the marketplace.

The DataSafe DX is an economical multi-cell calcium flat plate battery. Multi-cell construction requires fewer units, resulting in lower installation cost. While optimizing the space available in the battery room, it delivers superior performance making the DataSafe DX a superlative cost-effective battery.
The DataSafe DX battery features the Slide-Lock™ post seal design, bolted lead plated copper connectors, optimal grid design, heavy duty plate lug and strap, and dual lug design, which make this battery ideal for high rate applications. All battery systems are rated at 100% capacity at initial discharge.
The DataSafe DX battery has a 20 year life expectancy in float service at 77˚F (25˚C) ambient temperature. Battery Range Summary

Features and Benefits

  • Capacity range: 0.613 – 5.248 kW per cell
  • Suitable for UPS and Switchgear applications
  • Multi-cell construction
  • Cover made from flame retardant PVC
  • Container made from styrene acrylonitrile (SAN), also flame retardant polycarbonate (PC) optional
  • Long life Slide-Lock™ post seal design